Escuela Bilingüe Maquilishuat opened its doors on September 17th, 1990. (Decree 126 authorized by the Ministry of Education), becoming an excellent option for bilingual education, with individual attention for the children and youth of El Salvador, and students visiting from abroad.

Escuela Bilingüe Maquilishuat is an entity that has fully complied with the stated guidelines and requirements from the Ministry of Education, has fulfilled parents' expectations for the education of their children, and can be trusted to solidly prepare its students for leadership and success in the new millennium.


Our school fosters personal development through a quality personalized education model, which develops well rounded citizens that perform with resilience, values and commitment.


Our bilingual school develops competent and responsible citizens, with the abilities to create a positive impact on the world and themselves.

Our core Beliefs are:

  • Think foremost in each person
    • Connect with empathy.
    • Act with a spirit of service.
    • Explore each situation´s context to develop solutions.

  • Harvest each person’s individuality
    • Understand each member of our community as a unique being.
    • Promote self-awareness in our students.
    • Welcome diversity.

  • Foster positive transformation in every human being
    • Have a positive influence on each student’s way of thinking, feeling and acting.
    • Model an ethical, moral, solid and fair conduct frame of reference.
    • Foster a balanced and peaceful coexistence.

  • Teach learning how to learn
    • Identify methodology that fosters meaningful learning.
    • Base learning on the balance between emotion and reason.
    • Foster human development’s various dimensions: cognitive, physical, emotional and social.

Our students with our model develop the following abilities and skills:


The ability to enquire and explore the world to generate information and knowledge, that will raise value for the future.

Critical Reflection

The ability to analyze information and ideas, and compose reasoned arguments and opinions, to reach conclusions and assessments that will create new ideas, and help students become more autonomous, critical and independent.


The ability to generate new ideas, experiments and innovation and bring them into practice to satisfy a need, or solve a problem or situation.

Effective communication

The ability to express and understand thoughts and feelings assertively, with clarity and self-confidence in a variety of means and ways, to reach a common perception or a change in attitudes or behaviors.

Soft Skills:


The ability to connect as a social being with others, and constructively collaborate to overcome disadvantaged situations.


The ability to act with a high response capacity, initiative and disposition when facing different circumstances, to solve problems effectively.


The ability to show moral composure, rectitude and honesty to act with ethical and congruent attitudes and behaviors.


The ability to develop self-awareness and to self-regulate, so that a sense of personal harmony and equilibrium is developed.


  • Requires complete mastery of both Spanish and English.
  • Demands of each student the successful completion of a college preparatory academic program designed to prepare each one for success at university level.
  • Fosters respect for others, personal honesty, self-discipline and responsibility as abilities, every bit as important as the academic skills.
  • Involves the entire school community in the education process. Parents, students and school as equal partners in the development of a program that allows each student to become a complete and integrated person.

Legal Authorization

On November 12th, 1990, through the decree Nº 1126, ESCUELA BILINGUE MAQUILISHUAT was authorized by the Ministry of Education of El Salvador to open its doors. Since our school has taught the following grade levels: Pre-school through Preparatoria, Elementary School, Middle School and High School. Our student body attends grades from Pre-Kinder through 12th grade.